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Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas, Educator, Writer, HFL Empowerment Coach, Holistic Fitness Trainer, and Spiritual Strategist is the innovator and co-owner of Holistic Fitness Lifestyle and has been trained and certified by Dr. Matt James, of The Empowerment Partnership, and Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Mental Emotional Release® Therapy.

He is certified by the NSCA as a Personal Fitness Trainer and is dedicated to the balance of mind and body. With over 15 years of experience in the field, his innovations support optimal mind-body integration with remarkable results. He has created a new, holistic approach to fitness that cultivates a focused mind, a strong body, and emotional intelligence to support your most joyful and exuberant life. Allow Mike to coach you to the limitless energy that comes from a deeper connection to spirit. By combining the very different, yet complimentary Eastern and Western approaches to fitness, he has developed a unique style of training resulting in balance on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. As a teacher and role model in his field, he encourages his clients to open their minds to use a holistic, comprehensive view of life, and fitness is simply a tool for fulfillment and expanding consciousness. Mike is a welcoming presence for all who wish to find deep healing, and reconnect with their greater life path and potential. With more than a decade of experience in his field, he continues to learn and grow in mind and body in order to further his impact on his clients and the community.


Mike has always had a gift for seeing the great things in people and in life, and growing at a rapid rate from that resulting ability and insight. How? Faith. Faith that greater possibilities lie into cultivating “how,” seeking strategies to accomplish his dreams, with a strong inner connection to “why,” through choosing to cultivate empowering beliefs through deep inner work.

  • Mike’s emotional challenges at home with brain issues from ADHD to “grand mal” seizures as an epileptic in adolescence gave him an opportunity to learn from challenges. With few outward tools to cope, Mike engaged in a deep visualization, which revealed itself later to be a gift in mastering guided visualization in for his meditation practice.
  • An appendix rupture led Mike to learn and master fitness and health as a self-discipline. In a moment of near death, in a hospital bed for almost three weeks, and on morphine to manage severe pain, Mike saw a critical cross roads while conversing with his spirit: learn to master health and fitness or die.
  • When he saw how his motor skills and athletic abilities did not measure up to his family legacy, he chose to master skateboarding as an art form, and cultivated skills to build athletic ability through discipline of sheer will, finding methods to improve…driven to always find a way! Little did he know that this path was destined to lead him toward mastery of strategy in the human experience. This drive to master skateboarding was an uphill climb, and it led him to fine-tune the process of retraining unconscious patterns to optimize human potential with simple, daily habits.
  • Mike had children young, and as a result, learned to be the best father possible while working and going to school. Never giving up on his dreams, he found a way to harness planning, strategy, and balance of many seemingly conflicting life priorities.
  • Through learning T’ai Chi Chuan and Chi Gong from sifu Dave Briggs (direct lineage of masters from originator Yang Lu Chan.), Mike began to craft ideas in his daily practice of growth. This set the stage for the birth of “Holistic Fitness” as a method of interconnected disciplines from radically different approaches to yield balance and rejuvenation in mindful movement.
  • With time to dedicate to self study while raising his kids at home much of the time, Mike began to feel a strong drive to create a system of fitness that includes all levels of self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. From practical application of functional fitness, alignment principles and flexibility from yoga, utilizing movement that channels the most possible efficiency and energy with T’ai Chi Chu’an and Feldenkrais method, agility and power development in sports like skateboarding, Soccer, and wrestling, Mike’s practical use of fine-tuning the physical body utilizes fundamentals from a wide variety of techniques. Together, these disciplines were integrated into the most powerful combination of elements that have collaborated together as an interconnected whole. The universal principles began to emerge in his mind as the patterns all methods of fitness integrated into what is now the “Holistic Fitness Lifestyle.”
  • Implementing and practicing meditation, mindfulness, developing emotional intelligence through tools like “The Work” of Byron Katie, “Nonviolent Communication,” NLP, and practical use of the spiritual study of Huna has provided Mike with a vast array of knowledge mastery in retraining habits and patterns to integrate holistic health and fitness on a level never seen before.

Mike’s accomplishments along this journey include:

  • Mentoring various skateboarders to achieve their personal best.
  • With child rearing and family as a focus, career took a temporary backseat, and he learned patience in long term thinking, planning, and execution of strategy to harness greatness (skateboarding sponsorships, winning wrestling tournaments and skateboard contests, and traveling the country doing skateboarding shows.)
  • Coaching junior high school wrestling for two undefeated seasons.
  • Corporate wellness seminars, holistic health workshops, and various teaching venues as a Holistic Fitness expert.
  • Featured as a holistic fitness expert on reality show “Natural Reboot.”
  • Through a challenging second marriage, Mike learned in depth communication through a fascination with linguistics, and studied the practical knowledge of masculine and feminine energy in everyday experiences.
  • Through major adversity of loss, he learned to channel spirit in writing as a discipline, meditation, personal growth, and has become a spiritual teacher.
  • Mike now practices as an Integrative Coach, HFL Trainer, Public Speaker, Educator, and Writer.
Mike’s life story reflects his commitment to redefine greatness, illustrating the value of an individual’s unique purpose in this life, and that a combination of diversity and teamwork creates empowerment through integration. We are all masters of a particular area of life that supports others in a way that adds value to the lives of others, and gives us the deepest possible fulfillment in life through serving others using our own unique gifts. As is often demonstrated by many masters of life’s great lessons, it is through the wisdom of learning from mistakes that one transforms adversity into mastery. The beauty of redefining greatness in this way is that the meaning of your life is what you choose to learn from it, and your choice to create the greatest life as YOU define it! This shift in mindset allows you to create your own empowering reality that harnesses the magic of gratitude to see that life happens FOR us, rather than TO us. When you choose to focus on gratitude to channel inspiration, the gifts you uncover are truly the blessings in disguise we can all learn to see in the supposed “ordinary moments.” Through this shift in mindset and focus, serving others allows you to bring love to what you do, rather than seeking that illusive task of harnessing and doing what you love. Cultivate empowering thoughts that foster positive, vivacious emotional states MORE OFTEN, and use that limitless energy to fuel a fit body that serves as a vehicle for fun play in lifestyle, excitement, and gratitude in the fantastic life YOU have created! How did Mike master this process of spiritual integration through “everyday consciousness?” His story is a window into how you can find this treasure within your own heart.
Whether you choose to learn from Mike through a Spiritual Warrior Breakthrough Session, HFL Integrative Coaching, HFL Fitness Training, the workshops offered, or any of these resources online, you are in for a transformational experience!
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