Meet Danielle

Danielle Fishman

Danielle Ivins-Fishman is a Mother, an Entrepreneur, an Integrative Coach, an Empath, and the Co-Owner of Holistic Fitness Lifestyle.  She has ONE Goal and that’s to guide and support you in connecting to your most Powerful and Fulfilled Self; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually.

Trained and Certified by Dr. Matt James with The Empowerment Partnership and Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mental Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®), Danielle guides and facilitates with her warmth, experience, and passion.  She also utilizes her education in Marshall Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication, The Work by Byron Katie, The Amen Clinic Method of Integrative Psychiatry, the Undefended Love Approach, and Imago Relationship Therapy among other amazing systems and techniques to meet clients right where they are, facilitating based on their organic process and needs.

In her 20s, Danielle cultivated her entrepreneurial skills as co-owner of S&D Marketing, Inc. a leading Cable and Energy Marketing Company which was awarded the 4th Fastest Growing, Privately Held Company in the Greater Philadelphia Region by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2001.  Early success and the tremendous and humbling responsibility that it came with, influenced and developed her passion of working with others to improve their lives.  These amazing opportunities to serve helped Danielle build strong interpersonal skills, intuition, and a love of teaching, training and managing teams to succeed.  Her core passion and purpose has always been to GIVE BACK and guide those who yearn for a better life so that they too can GIVE BACK to others!              

What we do for ourselves dies with us.  What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.            

-Albert Pine

While immersed in business, she continued to pursue a Psychology degree to quell the calling to understand the human experience on the deepest level possible and studied at Arcadia University.  To this day, Danielle has never stopped growing, exploring and nurturing her own healing process as well while helping others do the same.  

As a teenager, she was diagnosed with Major Depression, Bulimia Nervosa, and an Anxiety Disorder.  She majorly credits her recovery and battle through mental illness as a proud accomplishment.  Her confidence and strong capabilities as an Integrative Coach were built on the lessons, courage, perseverance, and compassion found on the other side of recovery.               

The wound is the place where the light enters you.    

– Rumi

Fast-forward to the present, Danielle utilizes Integrative Coaching as her vehicle to guide those who are looking to FINALLY heal, release their past, become reacquainted with their powerful selves, and to reclaim every area of their lives fully.

Her creed, “With greater awareness, compassion, and connection, comes our capacity to grow and thrive. Knowing, honoring, and accepting who we are at our depths is the key to personal empowerment. Our integration gives us the access to fully live a life of love.”

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     Born in the early spring of April in 1978, I began my journey into a complicated world.  Realistically speaking, I had all of my needs met.  Emotionally speaking, the story of my childhood was tumultuous, painful, and full of many ups and downs.  Sound familiar?  It’s the human experience.  This is my personal tale.

    What’s always been crystal clear to me is that my parents truly did the best that they could.  They modeled what a good intentioned marriage looks like. Add in mental illness, brain injury, and addiction and tragedy followed for all of us.  My Mom and Dad separated several times in my younger years which relocated us to different schools and temporary homes. Most of the moving was due to my Dad’s volatile and unstable behavior and my Mom’s attempt to keep our family intact and surviving.  

    You see my Dad suffered from severe mental illness due to a brain injury.  We all can clearly see this now.  In his freshman year of college, he was in a serious car accident where two of the other passengers were killed.  I use the term “brain injury” because his trauma was completely undiagnosed based on the neuroscience of the time.  When he came out of a three week coma, regained access to his memory, and eventually the large wounds across the left side his skull healed, the doctors told him that he was fully capable of living a normal life.  This was far from true.  Slowly rage issues, physical and emotional abuse, instability, unemployment and repeated infidelity were direct behavioral results of a man struggling with a highly imbalanced and deteriorating brain.  These behaviors were the cause for us finally leaving for good.  

   When I was 11, we moved from a rural, sheltered Pennsylvania town to Philadelphia where we lived in a small apartment with my grandmother and uncle.  Our new normal became 6 people living in a 2-bedroom apartment on a street where the neighbors openly drank and partied outside and the cops were called frequently for public drug usage, drunkedness and fighting.  A new chapter in my life began as I entered yet another new school.  This time I stuck out like a sore thumb.  Already 5’8, painfully shy due to a stressful home life, and 30+ pounds overweight, I was the perfect target for bullying.  The kids, especially the girls, were brutal.  For over two years, I experienced physical and mental bullying.  Due to deep shame and even deeper insecurities, I just hung my head and took it.  I didn’t know what else to do.  Eventually my Mom and the school stepped in.  With my parent’s divorce, my father’s continued emotional breakdowns, our sink into poverty, and the bullying, I could no longer hold it together.  The pressure was too great. I had a breakdown and my years of therapy and self-discovery began.

   During that time, life was a dark, emotional roller-coaster.  I was introduced to my demons and battled my own mental illness (Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, Bulimia and Body Dysmorphia.)  I struggled to see my worth and was blinded from my will to live.  At rock bottom, I begged my Mom for more help then just weekly therapy and depression medication.  I didn’t want to live anymore because the pain was just too great.  

   I was hospitalized at The Renfrew Center, an Eating Disorder Clinic in Philadelphia.  At 15 and after 30-days of intensive exploration and work, I was released and spent the next few years continuing outpatient therapy and nutritional counseling.  Unlike other addictions, with a food addiction you can’t avoid the substance you’re addicted to.  Food sustains and nourishes us so it was a process of completely redesigning my dysfunctional relationship with it.  Food was my best friend and the only thing that brought me comfort in my darkest moments.  It soothed me and at the same time single-handedly brought me to my knees. I gave it the power to pull me into states of complete despair and self-hatred and I was hell bent on releasing ED’s (a popular humanized term for an eating disorder) power over me.  Looking back, I was clearly guided and supported by many, many Angels along the way in the form of therapists, family members, invisible forces, and many friends.  I was symptom free after about 4 years.  It was a slow liberation and with my growing confidence, tools and life skills, I was slowly emerging and growing into a young woman.

  Life at home was still very complicated.  I barely graduated from high school and decided to leave home at 17.  I worked as a waitress, studied Psychology part-time at the Philadelphia Community College and began building a small business with my boyfriend selling Newspapers and Cable Services door-to-door.  After creating a great reputation with our local cable office, the business took off.  Opportunities continued to present themselves and I dropped everything excited to pursue the pure potential of business while beginning to build a stable foundation.  My greatest heart’s wish wasn’t for material success, it was to create a beautiful, strong relationship and a stable family of my own.

   Within four years of graduating from high school, our business grew from 4 employees in our basement, to 200 employees between our Philadelphia, New York and Chicago offices.  We attracted and were surrounded by an amazing support staff and team.  It felt like a dream.  I went from a self-destructive girl with no will to live, to a 22 year old woman who was happily married and celebrating a prestigious business award from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  The fast-paced, amazing ride continued and the blessings that poured in were more than I had ever imagined possible.  I couldn’t have dreamed that BIG!  During that period, I also continued to study Psychology at Arcadia University, never losing sight of my private near obsessive drive to understand my family, myself and the depths of our psychological human experiences.

    In 2004 and at 25, we welcomed our son Noah Aaron.  He entered our family 6 weeks before scheduled.  After spending time in the NICU, we eagerly brought him home and there began my next big chapter.  With breastfeeding challenges, sleep issues, and new marital stresses, Motherhood was upon me.  I worked to fully embraced the humbling and awesome responsibility of caring for this precious boy.  Being his Mama, and caring for his special needs, allowed me more access to my strength and true purpose.  Through these experiences, I was also reintroduced to the fire within me.  For me, this power and passionate energy was an essential driving element that I had almost extinguished long ago.  Little did I know, that I’d need this growing force to survive the coming years.

    In 2006, my estranged Father became critically ill, destitute and was in desperate need of family support.  With the promised help of my family, he came to live with my family.  His health returned and within a few months, he found a job and was on his way to more independence and a new life.  On the morning of June 25, 18 months after he arrived, he suddenly passed away at home from a massive heart attack.  He was 61.  The shock and grief rippled through our family for the next year and as this unexpected reality began to sink in, the hope of new life came knocking on our door.  I was pregnant.  Skyla Gabrielle entered the scene as a grounding and loving force that spoke to us of the bittersweet cycle of death and rebirth.  

   Just as we were settling in with a new baby, my older brother tragically passed away from meningitis at 36.  Yet another shockwave gripped our lives.  Sadness and grief came in with force.  The rebuilding had to begin somehow once again.   After saying goodbye to my Grandparents two years later, who passed six months apart, something fully shifted in me.  I had an irreversible and eye-opening realization.  Life IS so very precious.  It’s beautifully fragile and our time here is truly like a breathe.  It’s THAT fleeting.  An urgency started quivering inside of me and a honest examination of my life and my values began.  A new part of me was beginning to awaken.  She wanted a voice where she never dared speak before and she persistently found ways of shaking me up and getting my attention.  She was only going to get LOUDER.  

    It was 2013.  Our business was thriving.  We purchased an amazing new home and I started back to school again.  I found myself living what seemed to be a perfect life in the heart of bucolic Bucks County.  I self-identified as a dedicated Mom.  I worked to support the business, our household, and I was a wife who was actively managing a strained marriage which was beginning to show more and more signs of distress.  After only living in our home for a year, circumstances led me to another abrupt awakening.  My marriage was actually over and irrepairable for me.  A tidal wave hit.  All of the hard work, the years of counseling, the things I had been overlooking, the boundaries that I didn’t uphold, the betrayal especially towards myself, and the truest parts of me that I had kept hidden were staring me in the face.  I immediately began mourning my dreams of an impenetrable family.  I let go of the idyllic visions of growing old together and beating the modern odds.  I had to break the truth to my husband and then to our children.  Our collective hearts all broke into pieces.  The greatest challenge for me was understanding the persona that was Danielle; Wife, Mother, Woman, Human, Spiritual Being.  I had to ask the big questions and listen to the even bigger answers.  Who was I separate from my husband, from my children, and from my own wounded child?  Who was I separate from the stories that I had constructed up until this point?

   Through my shattered heart, a metamorphosis began.  I had no choice but to ride out the painful falling apart, the helplessness, the picking up of the pieces (mine and their’s,) the rediscovery of old wounds and self-defeating beliefs, the truck-loads of insecurities buried by years of co-dependency and blatent denial.  They all washed in like the high tide.  It was an opportunity to finally stand in complete honesty with myself.  I felt like a vague shadow of who I had been so I sealed myself in a protective cocoon, shed my skin and hunkered down for several years.  It was my dark night of the soul.  What I now know for sure is that without my journey into the dark, I wouldn’t have had a chance to, for the very first time, stand up tall, unapologetic, and proud of who I really was.  

   Through transformative struggle, defenses are examined, false stories are rewritten, and the hidden beliefs and rationalizations are confronted and replaced.  Without transformation’s raw and enlivening pain, the surrender into uncertainty, and the cultivation of deeper faith, there would be no chance of true self-discovery. Rebirth isn’t for the faint of heart.  It’s for those who need to find truth.  It’s for those who crave access to their authentic self.  It’s for those who yearn to meet their warrior within.  Make no mistake, the journey of self-discovery is courageous battle.  I now believe with every bone in my body, that we all must enter this arena.  We all must fight to uncover our true selves and only then can we walk our destined path.

    If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU for holding my story with such love and care.  Writing our stories is such a cathartic and loving gift that we can give to ourselves.  I am overjoyed to be able to share my journey and when I actually reread my story, I can actually say with full honesty that I am SO grateful for each and every experience that I’ve had.  By embracing total gratitude and total forgiveness, I’ve released my thoughts of feeling like a victim.   Without those situations, those tragedies, those battles, those heartbreaks, those difficult relationships, I would have NEVER been able to get to where I am RIGHT now.  

    Within every cell and with every breathe I take, I believe I am WHOLE, PERFECT and COMPLETE and that my life has happened exactly as planned!  Here I am nearing 40.  I am reborn and after everything, I can tell you THIS…

No matter where you are…

What you’re going through…

Or what you’ve endured…

You can reclaim your life!    

It would be my honor to be your facilitator, teacher, and guide through your discovery process and to be a witness to your miraculous rebirth.