Greetings Friends, Seekers, and Soul Searchers!

Thank you for visiting our site.  Our hope is that you are able to find something here that is useful for your journey.

We have a vision of a united humanity that lifts one another up in health and consciousness with peace, love, and empowerment.

Every single day we hear people talking about personal growth and the expansion of consciousness in a somewhat vague or overcomplicated way that might insinuate superiority, fulfillment, or connection to a specific higher power. To us, growth of consciousness implies a state of awareness that allows for an expanding of who we are and who we are meant to be. We also hear consciousness referred to in terms of a state of mind facilitated through meditation. Although tools like meditation can greatly support this process, we believe there is a missing link in the way that our society views expanding consciousness that can be very tangible in our every day lives and our health and wellness. This inquiry about what the tangible pieces are have been both of our combined life’s work in cultivating what has now become the “Holistic Fitness Lifestyle.”

The method of Holistic Fitness Lifestyle is a simple approach to creating your greatest life possible integrating and focusing on the four levels of Self: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Physically with our trauma-informed approach to your health including our supporting services with  TRE® Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, Brain Health Evaluations & Coaching certified through the Amen Clinic, and SSP (The Safe and Sound Protocol and auditory intervention program by Dr. Stephen Porges) and an emphasis on Diet, Exercise, Mindfulness, Breathing, Alignment, and solid and customized Daily Routines etc…

Emotionally with your Feelings, corresponding Body Sensations, an empowering approach to Healing Wounding/Conditioning, and learning greater emotional resilience while developing deeper emotional intelligence…

Mentally with your Beliefs, Intentions, Reframing, Controlling Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), and Compassionate Communication… 

Spiritually with your Connection to a Higher Power/Spirit through cultivating Faith, Inspiration, Gratitude, Learning Detachment to just “Be” through Mindfulness/Meditation, and through aligning with your Values in each area of your life…

With Trauma-Informed Integrative Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Amen’s Brain Health Assessment & Coaching, TRE®, Emotional Education, Effective Compassionate Communication Skills, Spirituality, Fitness, and Relationship Enrichment, our programs blend in a synchrony of simple steps that optimize your human potential, one step at a time.  You set the pace.  

The way you think, feel, move and manage your daily stress will be transformed into an empowered life that awakens your human greatness in a way that fulfills you and allows you to contribute to the world around you while channeling your life’s purpose.

What makes our method so effective is the way we utilize language as a window into the blueprint of the unconscious mind, which holds the keys to your healing, your habits and the strategies that either have you surviving or thriving.  As Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®), we assist you in:

Accessing and uncovering your disempowering beliefs and thought patterns.

Releasing deeply held negative emotions so that you can connect with your most inspired and effective life from the resources you already have within you.

Learning to replace your obstacles and limitations with empowering beliefs and thoughts.

Cultivating easy access to positive emotions, and productive states to focus you on your most inspiring and purposeful life.

As your Guides, we’ll support your process of discovering and “drawing the map” of your own inner self so that you can find the innate hidden treasure within. 

Does this sound exciting to you?  

It’s not only possible, it’s simple, easy and only requires a desire and curiosity to learn, stay open and to think holistically.  Thinking “holistically’ allows you to access yourself from an entirely new mindset than you were educated in your upbringing.  This new paradigm facilitates living from your Heart and integrates you with your Body and Mind in order to maximize your abilities.  You’ll finally experience what it feels like to THRIVE!

Please feel free to Contact us with any questions or to schedule a complimentary call with us.  Please also check out our Videos for more tips.

We are here and want to support you in cultivating the life of your dreams.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas and Danielle Ivins-Fishman