Meet Danielle

Danielle Ivins-Fishman is the Co-owner of Holistic Fitness Lifestyle with her love Mike Thomas, an Empowerment Coach, a Writer and a Heart Educator.  She has ONE focus and that’s to guide and support You in cultivating a whole connection within your True and Powerful Self; Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. In her 20s, Danielle began cultivating her entrepreneurial skills as the co-owner S&D Marketing, Inc. a sales and marketing company which was awarded the 4th Fastest Growing, Privately Held Company in the Greater Philadelphia Region by the Wharton School of Business in 2001.  This early success and experience influenced and awakened her love of teambuilding, training and supporting other’s in their greatness.  The opportunity of building a company, helped fuel her interpersonal abilities, confidence, drive and purpose to give back to her community.  While immersed in the dynamic world of Sales and Marketing, she continued to feel a deep push towards understanding the human experience on the deepest level possible and studied Psychology at Arcadia University.  Danielle admits to having a very healthy obsession to never stopped digging, exploring, cultivating and nurturing her own intrapersonal healing process and personal growth on all levels.

Fast-forward almost two decades, the birth of two children, a successful Business Woman and a beautiful Conscious Uncoupling with her Ex-Husband and Partner of 18 years, Danielle has stepped fully into her true Purpose as an Empowerment Coach and Guide for those who are looking to reclaim their lives and embrace their True Selves.  After being Trained and Certified by Dr. Matt James with The Empowerment Partnership and Board Certified by the Association for Integrative Psychology as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Mental Emotional Release® Therapy she guides and facilitates with her warmth, natural intuitive abilities, experience, passion and extensive education in Non-Violent Communication, Imago Relationship Therapy, the Undefended Love Approach and many other amazing growth tools.  Danielle is heart-driven to share what she’s discovered along her path so she can help guide You in connecting to Yourself more fully in all areas of your life. With greater self-awareness and self-connection, comes our capacity to grow and thrive. Knowing and accepting who we are on the deepest level is our key to Heart-integration, Peace, Clarity, Purpose, Compassion and Love.


Born a fiery April baby in 1978, I came into this world in Joy and Wholeness and began my chosen journey in a painfully complicated Family.  Realistically speaking, I had all of my basic needs met knowing my parents truly did the best they could.  Subjectively, my childhood experience was tumultuous, abusive and painful.

Parents divorced at 11. Therapy began.  Diagnosed with Major Depression, Body Dysmorphia and Bulimia at 14.  Hospitalized The Renfrew Center at 15.  Spent the next two years continuing intensive therapy, nutrition support and personal growth.  Left home at 17 and begin my adult life.  Worked as a waitress, studied Psychology part-time at Philadelphia Community College and began building a small business with my Boyfriend selling Newspapers and Cable Services door-to-door.  The business took off and I dropped everything excited to pursue the pure potential of the Sales and Marketing World.  Within three years, we grew from 3 employees in our basement to 200 employees between our Philadelphia and New York offices.  It felt like a whirlwind, that I went from a young girl with no will to live to a 22 year old business owner, married and celebrating a prestigious award from the Wharton School of Business for being the 4th Fastest Growing, Privately Held Company in the Greater Philadelphia Region by the Wharton School of Business in 2001.

In 2004 and at 25, we welcome Noah Aaron 6 weeks premature.  After a week in the NICU, we eagerly bought him home and there began my next chapter.  With breastfeeding challenges, sleep issues, marital disagreements on parenting techniques, this christened my walk into Motherhood and the reemergence of my Fire.

In 2007, my estranged Father was very ill and in need of support.  With my family’s support he came to live with us.  After his health returned, he found a job at the Horse Farm where I had my horses and was on his way to independence again.  On the morning of June 25, he suddenly passed away due to a heart attack.  He was 61.  The shock rippled through our family and the hope of new life was upon us and her name was Skyla.  Our daughter was born almost two years later.  She was a grounding force that spoke of the bittersweet cycle between death and life.  Just as we were settling into life with a new Baby, my older brother tragically passed from an untreated case of Bacterial Meningitis at 36.  Another shock coursed through our lives.  The waves of grief eventually subsided and I began to rebuild.

2013 Living the dream in Bucks County, PA.  Raising two beautiful children, working to support our business, our household and actively managing a marriage that began showing more and more challenges.  Our business was thriving, we purchased our dream home and I started back to Arcadia University.

After only living on our home for only a year, I had an awakening.  It was almost 5 years in the coming.  The most painful eye-opening discovery that my marriage was over and irreparable.  My dreams of an impenetrable family unit, growing old together, beating the modern odds, breaking the cycle of divorce and failed relationships in my family.

My metamorphis stage began.  The painful falling apart, the picking up of the pieces, the reemergence and rediscovery of old wounds/insecurities buried by years of genius repression, my purposeful people pleasing and my unconscious’ protection of unprocessed pain and grief over a lifetime.  The opportunity was right in front of me.  All I saw was a shattered heart and a vague glimpse of who I really was.  My rebirth was upon me.  The raw pain and disappointment.  The confusion, depression and anxiety.  The hidden attempts to figure out who the hell I was.  My families reactions to my fall from grace as the elected Matriarch.  Through the struggle I knew I had to peel back the purposeful protection I contructed over my lifetime to survive.  I did overcome the odds.  I had already lived through a lifetime of experiences and successes.  Now was the challenging of understanding the Persona that was Danielle Ivins-Fishman, Wife, Mother and Woman.  Over a three year period, I dove into the deepest self-exploration yet.  Who was I separate from my Husband?  Who was I separate from my children?  Who was I separate from the Story I’ve told myself up until this point?  Driven by my deepest fears and my heart’s desire to reclaim my True Self.

Here I am.  Reborn.  I found Me.  After ALL of my experiences up until this point I can tell you one thing that I know for SURE…No matter where you are, what you’ve faced and endured, you CAN reclaim yourself.  The true You is in there.  Let me be your guide in Self-Discovery and Rebirth.  Immerge my fellow Soul Searchers…