Holistic Fitness Lifestyle wants to honor our amazing Emotional Self.  

Our Emotional Self speaks to us as well with what we call movement energy. One of our great teachers, Andrea Largent, beautifully speaks about emotions as “E-motion” which literally means “energy in motion.”  

Every emotion is an important signal that give us a deeper awareness of how we are REALLY doing in the moment and in our lives.  Each one of our emotions hold important messages that need attending to through expression, movement and/or change.  Emotions are like our own personal internal GPS system, guiding us towards a more authentic and fulfilled life.  They also alert us to where we’ve made a wrong turn and need to reroute.

We can always feel emotional energy (positive and negative) in our bodies.  For instance, when we are angry, our muscles get tense, our physiology changes and our mind becomes overactive.  When we learn about, listen to and express our Emotions, we are honoring an essential part of ourself which when developed can be our greatest ally.

Emotional education and exploration using Marshall Rosenberg’s system of Nonviolent Communication (i.e. Compassionate Communication) among other power systems, have been fully woven into our 4 Level Integrative Coaching approach.  

In a Society where emotional intelligence is rarely supported and taught within families or schools, work in this ONE area in your life allows for huge and life-changing shifts.

Through HFL’s system of Emotional Re-education, see how you’ll learn to Honor your Emotions and Master Your Energy:

     *Learn to Efficiently Process and Release Negative Emotions

     *Integrate the Fragmented Parts of Yourself

     *Increase Emotional Intelligence

     *Increase Empathy/Compassion for Yourself and Others

     *Anchor and Naturally Obtain Positive States to Supercharge your Life and Habits

     *Connect to Your True and Intrinsic Motivation

     *Connect More Deeply, More Intimately with Yourself and Others

     *Attract and Live the Life of Your Dreams

We look forward to taking you on a personalized journey into your Emotional Self which will be a crucial step into living an Empowered Life.  

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or fill out our Questionnaire which is located in Work with Us.




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