We are so very excited and honored to explore Spirituality and the Spiritual Self with you.  

Whether you are a part of a cherished religious community, find divine guidance in nature, read and explore spirituality privately, most of us have a special relationship to a Higher Power, a Source of Intention Greater the Us.  

We wish to join you in clearing the path to the Divine while cultivating a stronger faith and connection with your Higher Power.  As we fully connect to our Faith, the positive ripple effects will become apparent.  Synchronicities and miracles will become abundant in our lives and we’ll begin to really GET that WE ARE ALL ONE human family.  By participating in your own spiritual expansion, you support and inspire the whole universe to do the same.

Blended into our 4 Level Integrative Coaching approach, is a personalized program to guide you in cultivating powerful Spiritual Habits.

Also, get Spiritually Clear on the following:

*What are your highest Spiritual VALUES?

*How are you putting your values into action in your Life?

*Are you moving “toward” your Values (Love), or moving “away from” the opposite of your Values (Fear)?

*Prayer and Meditation/Intentional Meditation (a Focus on Higher Power/Values)

*Release Guilt, Shame and Wounding from Past Religious Experiences, Release Old Mythologies

*Explore Through Guided Visualizations

*Energy Work through Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Gong and Body Work

Finally, we look forward to guiding back to your Faith and your innate ability to connect to your Higher Power, hear the Spirit’s Call and the directing messages that effortlessly guide you down your true Path, the Path you are meant travel.  

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or fill out our Questionnaire which is located in Work with Us.



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