The Teacher Within

Often we look for what is next in life “out there.” We look for someone or something that can fill whatever we see as missing in our lives. “When I have this, I’ll do more, then I’ll be something.” It could be a car, a home, a job, a lover, or even a hobby that we seek. We follow a progression of “do-have-be.” It is an “outside-in” approach to life, and it lacks the depth of fulfillment. In reality, we are our greatest teacher, not someone “out there.” We have the opportunity to experience this inner wisdom when we stand in a state of being that is in alignment with what we are committed to in life, or in other words, standing in who we are. I am love, therefore I do things that are loving, and my loving actions attract a loving partner that fulfills my need for love. Did you notice the order of states? “Be-do-have,” is the ultimate reality of creation, and it comes from within.

When I was in my early twenties and already had two young children, I decided to reawaken my passion of skateboarding. I went to street spots, parks, and my parking lot at my apartment complex to practice whenever there was a free moment. I even set up my young kids to join me in various ways, such as setting up a skate obstacle near a playground within close range so they were occupied playing while I did a trick and checked back in on them. I practiced for hours a day and honed my skills with the hope of becoming sponsored, which I achieved several years later. Although my goal was to achieve sponsorship, which was “out there,” I became my own teacher within. I worked to empower myself under challenging circumstances as a young working father while also attending college. As much as I thought I wanted to be a professional skateboarder, it was the state of inspiration while on my board and that was truly my lesson. I realized after some time that it is in the empowerment of following a passion with discipline that allowed me to overcome my difficult circumstances, which also inspired many people around me! Kids would ask me to teach them tricks, and I would get much needed boosts in the form of compliments around being so skilled even though I was working, a student, and a father. It finally dawned on me that the sponsorship outside of myself was simply what I accomplished because of the empowerment and inspiration I held as a state of being during the process. I take this lesson into my life as a coach, writer, and personal trainer. I know from my empowered state within that I have taught myself that accomplishments are simply part of the journey of being who we are within. I am the possibility of inspiration and empowerment, and with that state comes actions from that state of being that yield things that I have. The state within, however, is the essential first place to focus in order for “doing” and “having” to manifest powerfully.

We can be our greatest teacher by standing in the state of being that is in alignment with who we are. Be love, be joy, be inner-success, be empowerment, be self-expressed. Your actions from that state of being result in soul-fulfilling things that you have. It is an “inside-out” approach. This is the path to happiness and fulfillment, not the other way around.

What states of being have manifested the things that truly enrich your life? May your days be abundant with love that originates within, and my you share that love infinitely throughout your time here on earth.
Love and light, Namaste.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas