Finding Success Through Creative Play

Often we can take life very seriously. A sense of obligation, responsibility, and judgement can create a stressful state of being. When we recognize that the only true obligation is self-imposed, we free ourselves to focus within. “What do I like to do?” you can ask yourself. Perhaps it has been a while since you took a moment and asked that question, and waited for an inspired answer to arise from within. When we take moments of pause and reflection, we open space for inspiration to flow in.

Try this exercise: Sit quietly, close your eyes, and practice “core breathing” (from my blog: and click “menu,” look under “consciousness lessons”, read the entry titled, “Breathing: Access Inspiration on All Levels”). Now, while breathing in this relaxed and peaceful state, imagine having absolutely no expectations, obligations, or responsibility for yourself or anyone else. It may be difficult at first, but allow your mindset to drift into your childhood state. Picture that effortless and creative play that you experienced on the playground. Now from that childlike state of being, apply that feeling in your body to your life as an adult. With no agenda in place today, what would you do with your time RIGHT NOW? As you sit quietly and visualize your creative play, notice how your body feels while engaged in this state of being. Take as much or as little time as you like in this visualization. Any observations that are present to you are helpful. Would you play a game? Work on a project with your hands? Swim in the ocean? Fly a kite? The value of this exercise is in the insights you receive about who you are within while in this open state. It is very possible that your life has become about accomplishing things that do not truly enrich your life or fulfill you. What would you like to change?

I was fortunate enough to be raised in a community and family that always encouraged me to follow my passion, my heart, and my inner-calling. Although I have my reservations about following religion blindly, the truths I learned in this area from being raised in a religious school system has benefited my upbringing and resulting mindset tremendously. Specifically, the concept of Providence, Dharma, or a spiritual path that we chose prior to being born is an inspiring concept that I hold within my heart that is a driving force for me in following my calling. I have always found connection to this inner-calling through paying attention to what inspires joy in my heart. From writing about expanding consciousness, to skateboarding, to teaching others tools for personal empowerment, following this calling has led the way to a life path that makes living a pleasure and an art form of life-expression. What calls your heart into inspired action? When you are “playing” in life, you easily access that limitless flow from your heart. I have always lived my life from this calling, and I learn more depth and richness every step of the way in my activities, relationships, and vision of how I might contribute this joy back into the world as I have graciously received it.

Taking time to look within is essential for making your own joy a priority. Yes, the bills must be paid, errands must be run, and there will always be something else to accomplish. However, if you are not making the experience of joy a priority, no one else will. It is your responsibility to create joy in your life, and that requires taking action. Inspired action allows you to live in a way that fulfills you. What inspires joy in your heart through play or some other expression of passion? True inner-success is cultivated from within the joy of your own heart. May your day be inspired, fun, creative, and fulfilling.

Love and Light, Namaste.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas