Experiencing Joy in My Greatest Purpose

Often we look at love as something that is outside of ourselves. Looking within, we have the opportunity to understand love from a subjective point of view; that is, from living it viewed from our own unique perspective. What better way to understand love than to practice loving yourself? When practicing self-love, we have the experience of joy that expands as we share it with others around us. Your purpose in serving the world must serve you, and bring you joy, or it is not your purpose.

What is your greatest purpose? Your greatest purpose simultaneously serves the world and those around you while deeply fulfilling yourself to the greatest degree possible. In this state of greatest purpose, you are energized, inspired, and contributing energy toward the unity of humanity. This inspired energy that you effortlessly put toward the unity of humanity is reciprocated to flow back into you like a divine and infinite energy circuit. How is the state of divine energy harnessed and accessed? It is through connecting with what inspires us and brings us joy that we harness this energy.

In this society there is often an attitude of “selfless service” that is devoid of the limitless flow because the circuit is cut off in not experiencing joy in the self. Choosing to suffer for the sake of others is not noble. It is a conditioned belief that we have chosen. Yes, contributing toward the unity of humanity is a direction that facilitates healing, joy, and love. However, that energetic circuit is not complete unless it includes you. Why are you any less deserving of love, joy, and fulfillment in the process of serving others? Not only are you deserving of the joy and love that everyone else is, it is essential that you gift yourself that joy and love in order to complete the circuit of human unity. Why does charity toward others have to include suffering for yourself? The clear answer is that it does not. The energy that is facilitated through experiencing joy while serving others completes the divine energetic circuitry of your greatest purpose.

Now take this concept a step further, and explore the areas of your life in which you experience joy in yourself. How can you experience that joy while allowing it to overflow toward those around you? I love the feeling of being fit, healthy, and joyous in movement. As I take part in my clients’ fitness and well-being, I experience the joy of watching them thrive in fitness. My joy in serving others in their journey of fitness serves me with seemingly infinite joy and personal fulfillment. Not only am I serving others in a way that I know has served me so well in my life, I also experience the joy of giving that same gift to them. The joy I experience in my greatest purpose is in standing in the possibility of human greatness of myself and all those in my life. Whatever form that greatness takes in the endeavors that I may undertake, the common thread of purpose, standing in human greatness, shines through with joy and fulfillment. There is nothing that brings me more joy and fulfillment than supporting others in discovering their inner-greatness. I have crafted my career and livelihood around empowering others to connect to their inspiration within and share it with the world. I am clear that this is my purpose. This journey of empowerment of human greatness energizes me every time I see the joy I am capable of facilitating in others through writing, coaching, and living my most inspired life. I help others by helping myself, and I help myself by helping others. It is an infinite upward spiral of joy that is your birthright, just as it is mine. We are One in this human experience, and there is no joy greater than connecting with this process of fulfillment through service from your heart.

Take a moment and notice something you’re grateful for in your life. Your healthy body, your job that provides income, your beautiful children or loving friends are some wonderful examples of areas to be grateful. The things you are attracted to and have gratitude for are indicators of your purpose, and following that direction will yield the greatest joy that humans can experience. It is fulfilling because it serves both you and others. May your days be filled with moments of gratitude, love, and joy in your greatest purpose.

Love and light, Namaste.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas