Manifesting Inner-Vision

Your creative vision is unique to you, and will enrich the world we live in. When you fully accept and empower yourself as you really are from within, your ego-personality transforms into a vehicle for a higher purpose. Who you are at your core is the possibility of what inspires you most deeply. Your spirit gives you signals through inspiration on a continual basis. New awareness is available in every moment that you are fully present to receive it. Are you listening?

Envision a movie or story that inspires you. Take note of what touches your heart, and moves you to inspiration. There’s no mistaking this experience of inspiration from within. When you are present to what inspires you, your body has a noticeable response. It may bring tears to your eyes, you may feel a wash of warm and comforting energy flow through your body, or it may be a cooling sensation. The common theme that links all of these different bodily experiences is a sense of being filled with intense emotion that your body expresses with sensations. In this state, your mind is clear, your body feels primed and ready for action. You feel “moved” to manifest this inspired state into your life in some form. This could take the form of an artistic expression of some kind, or it could be taking an action that helps others experience this inspired joy. Breathe in, and feel this literal inspiration of breath. What new awareness has this moment of inspiration given you access to? Breathing is the physical form of spiritual inspiration, but they are different expressions or “levels” of one and the same energy. This inspiration of breath and spirit through new awareness is what lies deep within at all times, and is your access to spirit. Your inner-vision from that inspired state of being is something that only you hold, as there is no one quite like you.

Whenever I see a movie that portrays a person stepping into their own personal greatness I get a powerful sensation in my body. Whether it be a story of someone mastering a martial art, taking that step to express love toward the one that they want to connect with, or digging down deep inside to find the courage to act on the inspiration in their heart, I am moved to tears. I have been told that when I experience this state I have a light behind my eyes and a palpable positive energy that is contagious. Learning a new skill on a skateboard gives me this same feeling, and so it has become my hobby, spiritual practice of deepening discipline to access inspiration, as well as my own personal therapy when times are challenging. When I am on a skateboard, I experience affirmation of how possible it is to achieve greatness when I take action on what inspires me. I feel as if I am weightless and able to fly when I launch that skateboard into the air. In that moment, I am free. Little did I realize when I was a child of six years old attempting to learn how to skateboard that it would be my lifelong lesson and affirmation in achieving greatness.

I have taken the skills that I have learned through manifesting my inspiration on a skateboard into all areas of my life. I have learned to take fitness as my passion and turn it into my own business where I teach others personal growth on many levels. I have learned that there is no limit to the possible ways I can contribute to the world through accessing this inspiration within. As I share it with those around me in the greatest ways that I am currently capable, my inner-vision manifests in yet another beautiful way. Nothing brings me joy quite like watching others become inspired by witnessing the awakening of my inner-vision.

Today and everyday, pay attention to what stirs your heart, and calls your spirit into inspired action. For me, it is anything that creates the possibility of human greatness. I see greatness in every person I meet, and my deepest calling is to inspire them to see that in themselves and freely give that gift to the world.

May your days be inspired, and may you freely give your unique and creative gifts so that others may receive them and be inspired also. Your individual creative gifts are what you are here on this earth to express. Manifest your inner-vision through taking action on what inspires you. Breathe deeply, and allow new awareness in this moment to awaken your inspired inner-vision. Listen to your spirit’s call that presents itself in your bodily sensations. Be inspired, and inspire others by taking action toward manifesting your inner-vision.

Imagine a world filled with inspired individuals, all inspiring others to do the same in uniting our world in empowered action. This possibility starts within you. The world is waiting for your inner-vision. Together, we create a better world. Have a beautiful day everyone!

Love and light, Namaste.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas