Inspiring Abundance of Love for All of Humanity

Inspiration is achieved when it is present on all levels, physically (breathing), emotionally (being with, rather than resisting emotions), mentally (choosing empowering beliefs), and spiritually (being present and still enough in mind to receive spirit energy). “Inspiration” and “respiration” come from the same Latin word “spirare,” which means “to breathe.” The flow of breath parallels the flow of love. When we recognize that we are all vessels of love, and receive (inhale) and express (exhale) love in all forms, we allow a loving, global community to manifest. This is the path toward world peace, and it starts within your giving and open heart. An abundance of love is inspired into the world through each individual choosing to express their own inspiration, and contribute it to the whole of humanity. The world is waiting for your inspiration to breathe life from your channel of spirit.

It is an inspired joy that I experience when I share my gift of empowering greatness in human beings…from skateboarding with friends, to sharing a conversation with a stranger about their life’s dreams, I feel warmth all over and smile from ear to ear when I am in that space.

When we have a moralistic judgment about someone being “negative,” or “bad,” or “wrong,” these labels we project are only disempowering. We can only create change within, so this effort toward changing another is wasted energy. We are able to receive the inspiration of others when we are open to see their expression of love and spirit. The gift of openness to see and receive love in all forms creates an infinite channel of love to flow within. When we put on the “glasses of love,” we see love. It is in choosing this as a perspective that we empower ourselves and those around us to be expressions of love and spirit. When we do not see expressions of love and spirit in others, it is because our perspective is that of fear or defense. Abundant love comes from aligning with something greater than ourselves individually. It comes from aligning with spirit, and as paradoxical as it might seem, infinite love is accessed within ourselves.

When someone honks their car horn at you at a stoplight, what is your first reaction? “Damn it, I’m going! Sorry, for being in your way…asshole!” You might say with a defensive tension filling your body. This reaction comes from a subconscious fear pattern within based on past experience. You may even believe that you know why they honked at you, believing in the moment that you can read their mind. This righteous mindset can be amplified by a fear within of being viewed as incompetent, or believing you are unsafe on the road with other “angry drivers,” or whatever your subconscious, protective belief is under the surface.

The loving alternative is the practice of pausing for a moment, breathing, and taking responsibility for your own reaction as a reflection of your inner emotional environment. In this way, you clear the space to respond in this moment, rather than react to your past through an automatic emotional reaction in your subconscious. I am not saying it is easy, but it is simple and effective once you practice it enough to create it as a habit.

After you have processed your emotional reaction within, you can practice putting on your “glasses of love,” metaphorically, and choose to engage the same situation while looking for a loving intention from that same person honking their car horn at you. Perhaps they are giving you a friendly signal that the light is now green because you were not looking in the direction of the traffic light. Perhaps they see danger to which they are alerting your attention. This takes practice, but I can tell you from experience it does work. I no longer automatically react with the anger and intensity I used to when someone honks at me. Sometimes I do, but the awareness is now there that another possibility exists, and that my anger is within my control, not the person stimulating it. It has been a practice of viewing people through the “glasses of love.” It is not a “quick-fix,” and it certainly takes practice to achieve this mindset, and I can attest to that. Now, if the person honking is clearly displaying traits of anger, you can allow them to take responsibility for processing their own emotions, as you are doing, and have done for yourself! You see yourself and in the other, and their emotions become an opportunity for compassion.

Now take this a step further by allowing yourself to not only be more loving and present in each moment, but to also energize your being with inspiration. Focus on something you love. It could be a quality in yourself, or another. It could be an activity you enjoy participating in, or watching. Now be still in your mind, and use your slow, deep core breathing through you nose, in and out. What is present for you in that moment, in that state of love? When you find that space within your heart, warmth and glow surround your being, and perhaps a smile comes to your face. Be in that place with your eyes closed, and picture all other beings doing the same. That love within you manifests in your life when you share it with others. You further magnify that exchange of love flow when you allow an openness within for others to contribute that love to you in their own way. Affirm this state within by saying to yourself, “I breathe love, I see love, I am love.”

Today and everyday, may your love be freely given in the way that fulfills you, and may you be receptive to whatever form of love comes into your life. Breathe the inspiration of spirit into your life, and love in abundance appears all around. Choose the perspective of seeing love expressed in everyone around you. Your inner work bridges the gap in consciousness and allows us all to connect in an abundance of love with one another. In breathing love together, we create a better world.

Love and light, Namaste.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas