My Peace and Security Within

Sometimes life can feel erratic and out of control. When we see this lack of control in life, we have a sense of being acted upon, and we experience what we may think is “bad luck.” From this perspective, we may feel like a victim of circumstance and that we aren’t supported in life. This fear-based mindset is disempowering and perpetuates a view of reality that can feel out of control. Ultimately, our reality is empowered when we work to find the tools to manage our response to outside situation and experiences through choosing a perception of love within. The only reality we wield influence over is our inner reality. Once we absorb that we are whole, perfect, safe, and secure we can focus in on self-love.  The outside chaos will naturally fade into the background. We become the “eye of the hurricane.” We become centered in a perspective of love within. From a perspective of fear, everything seems out of control. From a perspective of love, safety and security become our natural state of being.

For example, someone may say something that we perceive as being hurtful, insensitive, or negligent. We have the choice to take it personally, or we can choose the truth of peace and security within. The perspective of love integrates a natural flow of peace and security. I know when someone says something that evokes a reaction of sadness or anger in me, I have a choice to identify with that emotion and stay stuck, or be with it as an experience, a wave that crests and then falls. Instead of “I am angry,” which self-identifies myself with that feeling, I say, “I am experiencing anger.” Through employing deep, core breathing, and acceptance of that anger experience, it naturally metabolizes in time. Our ability to create peace within is as simple and easy as allowing the experience to be as it is with acceptance. Outside ourselves exists potential of an endless struggle, but within lies the possibility of peace, security, and complete wholeness.

Perception truly is a choice. We can simply choose the perspective we currently have, or choose another which can be as simple as asking someone else about their perspective. A car was pulled off to the side of the road as I was walking with someone, and the person I was walking with said that that person in the car looks “suspicious.” “Why does she looks suspicious?” I said. “Is it because she is parked in front of the house of someone you know, and your fear is that they are plotting to steal from that house?” I thought to myself, what could they be doing that is not suspicious? Upon looking closer as we walked by, she was indeed, looking off to the side of her car and preoccupied with something other than her surroundings. I suggested that perhaps this woman was looking at her phone and that she had pulled over to be safe in doing so. We both were looking at the same person with drastically different interpretations. I did not have the same fear within and so my interpretation of the same situation was very different. I can say that this difference in perception can get far more complex, especially between two intimate partners. Whatever the situation, your perspective depends on your inner state, not the circumstances around you. Knowing this, it is important to look inside to cultivate peace rather than looking at the circumstances outside yourself.

What are some situations where you experienced discomfort, pain, or fear? By gently looking into your emotional state, I think you may find that your thinking may be perpetuating the feelings rather than your outside circumstances. Circumstances can be a stimulus, but your inner state is the most important part of that equation. May all your experiences be embraced as they are letting acceptance be your guide as your inner world is created through belief in security and peace within.

Love and Light, Namaste.

Know Yourself and Be Empowered,

Mike Thomas