Integrative, Trauma-Informed Coaching & the Breakthrough Process

We are what we repeatedly do. Greatness then, is not an act, but a habit.”                             –Aristotle

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Integrative & Trauma Informed Coaching

We begin our work together by targeting one specific area of your life where you need the most support.  From there, we will journey with you in growth, awareness, healing and discovery as you align your life with what is most important to You and your Values on ALL Levels of Self. We look forward to you taking advantage of our expert, one-on-one support where you need it most.

At the Holistic Fitness Lifestyle, we utilize a unique approach of integrating the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions to connect you to your higher power in a way that suits your beliefs. You’ll receive knowledgeable guidance in the development of the 4 Levels of Self; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. In broadening your understanding of these essential parts of yourself, you’ll automatically maximize available energy in your life.  An integral part of our program is exploring your unconscious mind’s role, and hidden beliefs that are interfering with your life.  Retraining your unconscious is crucial to improving your effectiveness in life, and the tools we will teach you allow for BIG growth in the areas you need it most.  This process has been designed to be simple and effective, with powerful results.  We work with you step-by-step while applying these tools, techniques, and educational material while honoring the beautiful, complex human being that you are.

Join us in connecting to your deepest human potential!  


In-person, or phone coaching sessions which are approximately one hour each, and each call will be a check-in and update to progress in your action steps. Three weeks on, one week off per month.

Through our Integrative & Trauma-Informed Coaching System you will:

  • Learn to connect to your greatest life path and human potential…
  • Heal your wounding and conditioning to reveal your innate source of inner-peace and happiness within…
  • Discover how your language, the words that you use (and don’t use) are a key into who you really and how you can connect to a more integrated, whole version of yourself…
  • Develop a more sophisticated mastery of language to maximize the effectiveness of your habits through improved mental focus…  
  • Uncover and express your unique greatness to experience true empowerment through integration in your life…
  • Connect to the peace within your heart in any given moment, no matter how difficult the circumstance…
  • Find strategies that suit your needs, and allow those strategies to optimize you reaching your goals through increased available energy and intrinsic motivation…
  • Connect with your most confident, inspired, and fulfilling life through aligning with your purpose…
  • Learn to live from love and compassion to awaken your most joyful life experience for yourself and enrich all of your relationships…
  • Integrate living a life you love with the effectiveness of continuing to “raise the bar” in your life standards…


Service 2

The healing power of MER®, Mental and Emotional Release and the Breakthrough Process

If we had our wish, we’d prefer to begin all new Coaching Clients with Breakthrough Sessions and MER®.  This allows for a more clean canvas on which we can begin our work together.  It also assists in clearing & releasing any negative emotions, unresolved past baggage, and limiting beliefs prior to getting started with the Coaching relationship. We believe this creates more clarity and aides in removing what no longer serves the Client.  Ultimately, this allows for more direction and energy to take the steps needed to create BIG results in ALL ways.  

Our 4-Step Integrative & Trauma Informed Breakthrough Process includes Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®) 

In the Breakthrough Process you’ll be:

  • Tasking, Preparing and Selecting an Area of Focus: Family, Relationship, Professional/Work, Personal Growth, Health/Wellness, Spirituality
  • Explore a Detailed Personal History to find the Root or the Greater Problem and any Limiting Beliefs or Conflicts that are getting in your way and causing suffering and eliciting your True Values to gain Clarity
  • Releasing the Limiting Beliefs, Negative Emotions and integrate the Conflicts from the past using Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy
  • Creating a plan of action that aligns you with new goals that increase effectiveness, accountability and expedited growth in your life moving forward

What is **Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy?

**See Dr. Matt James’ Book on Mental and Emotional Release on Amazon.

The Breakthrough Process

Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®) is a process that assists people in releasing unresolved negative emotions and their limiting beliefs. We all hold unwanted and unnecessary baggage from the past such as anger, sadness, hurt and fear.  It can finally be released and resolved with MER® and a complete Breakthrough Experience.

In clinical research, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy was proven to be effective in the treatment of depression (see study results below.)  All patients in the test group experienced a full reduction in their depression and in the six years since the study was conducted, there have been zero cases of relapse.  These results are exactly WHY we use this technique.

In academic research with at-risk teenagers, all participants in the study resolved anxiety issues and through the release of anger, the researchers were able to measure behavioral changes in the teenagers.

Finally, with hundreds of case studies ranging from PTSD to common issues such as minor anxiety, MER® has been proven to be effective in the release of negative emotions and limiting beliefs. It’s extremely efficient and often gets positive results within the first session — even with problems that were long-lasting, or with patients who had not responded to other treatments.

How it Works and Why it’s So Effective

The changes a Client experiences (in themselves and in their lives) through MER® has shown to be permanent. Unlike some other therapies that require constant monitoring or on-going medication to prevent relapse, once the Client has made a significant shift in MER®, it’s done.  We have never had a client return complaining of an issue that we previously worked on. Can a Client have new problems arise? Of course.  That’s life. In our experience, when the technique has been done properly and the client experiences the complete release of all negative emotions and their limiting beliefs, the problems do not return.

Through the complete release work and an educational process, a Client now has a baseline of mental and emotional health that allows them to deal with new problems more quickly and effectively. MER® studies are only a few years old so they are not linked to decades of results. However, we are very confident that follow-up studies down the road will support the longevity of results.

The Benefits

Compared to other types of therapy, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy has a 
number of benefits.  First of all, MER® is fast. Rather than spending months or years in therapy, most problems and symptoms — even those caused by severe trauma or those that have been ingrained for decades — will literally disappear within several sessions, a total of 5 to 8 hours. In fact, one of the odd downsides of the process is that it works so quickly and thoroughly to eradicate long-standing issues that clients have a hard time believing it! They feel symptom-free, yet some have trouble trusting that such a dramatic shift happened so swiftly and easily.  Unfortunately, we have been influenced and trained to expect that creating positive change takes a long time, which is why most people give up or don’t even bother trying. Here’s the GREAT news, change does not need to be difficult.  Remember that if it only takes a few moments to create a phobic reaction, emotional wounding or PTSD, it can also take that short of a period to release their effects on us.

One of the highly valuable benefits of MER® is that the process does not require the client to re-experience the events that traumatized them in the first place. This is especially important for clients with PTSD, phobias or those suffering from chronic depression or anxiety that is tied to abuse or trauma of some sort. The downside of many other therapies is that they require a client to “re-traumatize” themselves and relive the experience — a distressful process that many clients simply can’t face.

The difference is that during MER® clients are able to remain “disassociated” from the disturbing emotions and events of the past. If they do observe painful memories, MER® techniques keep clients at a safe distance, helping them adopt a perspective that feels impersonal, empowered and safe.  

Let us facilitate and guide you into personal transformation and empowerment while creating foundational confidence, inspiration and effectiveness in every area of your life!

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Service 3

A Specialized Breakthrough Process

Spiritual Warrior Breakthrough Training offer by Mike Thomas     

Receive expert guidance and support from Master NLP Practitioner, Mike Thomas, to distinguish, integrate, and align your inner-self to connect to your ultimate human potential! Using the tools of integrative psychology to break through previous limitations in life, you will connect to your inner Spiritual Warrior.

What is a Spiritual Warrior? If you are a compassionate human being who wants to live life to the fullest, growing in all ways within yourself so that you can serve the world with your greatest gifts and talents, then YOU are a spiritual warrior! Whatever is most important to you in life (your values) connects you to your spiritual guidance that can be accessed within your heart. Yet, even if you are consciously aware of your values, your unconscious mind must be aligned in order to make your dreams a reality.

Have you ever set a goal in fitness or personal growth in which you do not follow through after a few weeks, even with the best of intentions? Perhaps you even exercise your “will” and “make it happen,” yet life just seems to get in the way your goals? Of course you have! We all have that experience in one area of life or another. When your unconscious mind is not integrated in any area of life, you will lack motivation, energy, or follow-through. With expert guidance and HFL Fitness techniques, you can address this integration on all levels of Yourself: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Retrain your unconscious mind to create the life of your dreams with HFL Breakthrough Training!

Mike is also certified in Mental and Emotional Release® and Hypnotherapy at a Master Practitioner Level by the Association of Integrative Psychology.

Let us be your guide into personal transformation and empowerment while creating foundational confidence, inspiration and effectiveness in every area of your life!