Brain Health Coaching & Brain Health Assessments

Brain Health Assessing & Brain Optimization Coaching 

    Do you want to significantly improve your quality of life? Optimizing the function of your brain leads to greater happiness, health, and success in all ways. Brain Health Coaching is a simple and affordable option to create a better life for yourself and those you love.

Learn to support optimal brain health will many tools for supporting relief in depression, anxiety, TBI, PTSD, and many other brain-type specific support. Get a specific brain type analysis, and individualized lifestyle recommendations, including targeted dietary guidelines, supplements, meditations, exercise, etc…

The Amen Clinic’s unique expertise is using brain SPECT imaging technology in conjunction with traditional psychiatric methods to optimize brain health habits. They have uncovered that mental illness is not just one thing with one treatment, but can express as many different brain function patterns. This is why many medications have “black box label warnings” of severe side effects…often medications are treating the wrong brain system, far too often with tragic consequence.

There are 7 subtypes of depression and anxiety, 7 subtypes of ADHD, 6 brain types of addiction, and 5 brain types of overeaters. Treating symptoms the same way for all people is like throwing darts in the dark. All other medical specialists look. Cardiologists look at the heart, orthopedic surgeons look at the bones and joints of theirs patients, yet the standard practice fur psychiatrists is to continue treating the brain without knowing what’s happening on a physiological level.

For example, brain injury (TBI) is FAR more common than most people realize, and can contribute to reduced blood flow to the cortex, specifically in the frontal and temporal lobes. This can result in both depression and anxiety symptoms, and must be distinguished from another type of depression or anxiety resulting from OVERACTIVE internal brain structures.

This can be measured in SPECT brain scans…however, most people either cannot afford to do this process, or they don’t realize they need it. That’s where Mike comes in as a “Certified Brain Health Coach” to provide tools, techniques, and support. Take targeted questionnaires from the Amen Clinics that are designed based on their database of over 135,000 brain scans to assess specific brain needs, and from their algorithm of brain typing analysis, get personalized lifestyle and habit regimens based on your specific brain health needs. You are NOT stuck with the brain you have. You can drastically improve its function without starting or changing any current medication to create more health, happiness, and success in your life.

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