Holistic Fitness Training

Holistic Fitness Training is a blend of eastern and western approaches to fitness with the support and guidance of an HFL Fitness Trainer.

Learn to optimize your body’s strength, flexibility, balance, and agility through integrating alignment principles and breathing techniques increasing your efficiency, available energy, and mastery of functional movement.
Details: Sessions are approximately one hour, and includes the support of an HFL Fitness Trainer at your home, exercise program adjustments as needed, and online video resources to practice the movements learned in the session.

 In Holistic Fitness Training you will:

  • Learn to utilize alignment and breathing to optimize your body’s functionality…
  • Learn how to reduce and eliminate pain from unconsciously held muscle tension…
  • Build functional strength and flexibility to maximize your body’s grace, power, and ease in everyday movements…
  • Connect to your “inner-athlete,” and increase your ability to move well through unlocking your hidden potential in movement optimization…
  • Integrate all 4 Levels of Yourself to create a lifestyle of rejuvenation, energy, and fun in your day-to-day routine…

New offerings included in all training packages:

  • First full month of Journal pages for keeping track of daily habits on all levels (and access online to print out your own new copies moving forward)
  • Personalized program to address your needs in fitness
  • Unconscious Values elicitation session
  • 10-minute weekly check-in call, if desired
  • Personalized affirmations to align you with your values
  • Videos of exercises you need most to keep up your daily practice and increase accountability
Feel free to contact Us for any additional information or if you have any specific questions around your health and wellness needs.
***Also see The Breakthrough Session page for a specialized Breakthrough process offered by Mike Thomas called The Spiritual Warrior’s Breakthrough Training.  With his expert guidance, spiritual direction and HFL Fitness techniques, you can address the integration of your life on all levels of Self: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Retrain your Mind and Body to create the life of your dreams!