HFL Health and Fitness Kickstart

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VIP Package #1

Empower your Health and Fitness with a full-weekend HFL Kickstart!


-NLP breakthrough session and training program over a weekend of unconscious habit retraining,

-Mental and Emotional Release,

-Hypnotherapy (unconscious mind support),

-“Compassionate Communication” lessons, instruction and workbook,

-Personalized support in learning and integrating breathing and alignment techniques to optimize body strength, flexibility, and unconscious posture and alignment retraining,

-Guided instruction through your personalized workout program.

-Weekly follow-up consultations, 3 weeks on, 1 week off to encourage self-empowerment.

-Unlimited access to HFL “Core Strength,” “10 Minutes of Awareness,” (alignment tutorial), and guided meditation videos, “Core Breathing,” and “Mindfulness Meditation.”

-$50 off your Beachbody community support including a 21-day fitness challenge to kickstart your new exercise habits with a community support system, 90 days of membership to online exercise videos, and 1 month of Shakeology nutrition supply.

-Text and e-mail support as needed for 3 months.

Package #2

21-Day Spiritual Warrior Challenge

Empower your greatest life with the courage to love with a Warrior’s heart, create effortless fitness in your life and harmony with your loved ones.

Learn the interconnected nature of your 4 Bodies of Self; Spiritual Body, Mental Body, Emotional Body and Physical Body through this 21-Day integrative health and fitness challenge.